Thursday, December 4, 2008

Main Boys Club - Laredo, TX


  1. ___you were up late at that Boy's Club ?, wachala !, se dice que esta haunted, how do i know, i've seen the lady in black that appears in the balconies, she came to the bench in a game i was Coaching, . . . (that boy's club was built on the site that used to be the municipal cemetery)

  2. I haven't been there since 1974 and it hasn't changed a bit.

  3. I was there last month because my (pre-school-aged) niece was playing basketball.

    The stairs going up to the balcony bleachers are a little too steep. You really have to watch your step. But yeah, the place hasn't changed a bit.

    I wonder if the pool is still the same.

    I used to frequent the Boys Club in the early eighties. Ah, the memories: shaking down little kids out of their spare change over a game of pool.

    ...teach them well and let them lead the way...

  4. Do you have any more pics to share? If so, please email them to

  5. I have a couple more. I'll email 'em later today.