Saturday, December 13, 2008

Long Neck

I flew solo tonight at one of Laredo's well-known dive bars. This place used to be called Las Palmas many moons ago.

There wasn't much of a crowd out tonight. I saw several people come in, have a couple of beers, and leave. Inside, the bar is well-kept, but the lighting didn't allow me to get a good shot. One of the flat screen TVs had Mission Impossible on. I didn't know that the girl from Felicity was in the movie.

I decided to check out the patio. A TV out there was tuned in to ESPN; that's where I learned of the new Heisman winner. Sorry Colt. Anywho, beer is $2.25 at this joint. Stay sleepy Laredo.


  1. ___did you "buy" a dance from any of the fine young chicks from Nuevo Laredo who labor there ?

  2. The only women who were there were the waitresses. The live music was going to start at 9 pm but I left around 8:15.

    I had two and a half beers, just enough to thin the blood a bit.

  3. ___i been to the Club gastronomico many times but then i got married,, now i haven't seen the inside of a laredo or nuevo laredo dive bar in six months , , ,

  4. It's best that you stay home. I would stay home too but somebody has to do the research for La Sanbe.