Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Gun Fascination

If I owned a gun, I'd probably shoot myself in the leg like Plaxico. Guns are dangerous but that doesn't stop people from owning them.
"But if you come in between that door frame of my home, I am going to kill
you. Hands down."

I love these numbskulls who tell us that they own guns and aren't afraid to take someone's life if somebody trespasses on their property. Because it's not enough to just say you own a gun, you have to eloquently state your intention of using it in the most fatal fashion possible.

I'm not totally against guns, it's just that comments like "I am going to kill you" sound so ridiculous. It almost sounds like a dare. And I doubt this guy is going to be standing watch over his home 24/7 with an itchy trigger finger. He has to go play football eventually.

What's more ridiculous is that they utter these words to people who pose no threat whatsoever. Basically what they're doing is crotch-grabbing/posturing. They're so proud of their gun, their mad shooting skills, and the element of surprise. The trouble is, the element of surprise might favor the intruder.


  1. How long before the Cowboys pick up Plaxico Burress?

    I don't blame Pierce for clamming up. Perhaps it's the best thing he can do for both him and Plaxico. The less conflicting stories, the better.

  2. ___guns don't kill people, bullets kill people and the idiots who let them go . . .(anyhow, plastico looked good in handcuffs, so fashionable)

  3. chon brings up a good point: bullets kill people.

    I propose a ban of bullet sales.
    You can have all the guns you want, you just can't have bullets.

    Who's with me?!

  4. ___next thing you know, they will be banning "spitballs" . . .