Thursday, December 25, 2008

Forecast Calls For Apocalypse

Our local meteorologist breaks the news that we won't see a White Christmas this year.
"So Christmas happens to fall on average within the coldest portion of the year, but this year will be a little milder than average," he said.
Okay, so we're used to warmer winters in Laredo - big deal.  But then "Heatwave" Berler goes all Orson Welles on us.
It will be cloudy this morning with possible fog, but the sun should burn through the clouds by the afternoon and heat things up, Berler said.
The Rapture will definitely put a crimp in Brad Pitt's new movie this weekend.  Thanks weatherman!


  1. Let's see.. Pakistan is moving thousands of troops to Indian border and Israel is on verge of potential launch into Gaza Strip. I'de say Heatwave is on to something. Happy Holidaze indeed.

  2. Elaine: "Mrs. Seinfeld, please...the air conditioner!!!"
    Mrs. Seinfeld: "You're hot????"
    Elaine: "I've lost 6 pounds!"
    Mr. Seinfeld looking at thermostat: " I don't even know howda work this thing!"
    ---Crank up the AC its 90 degrees in toasty Laredo!

  3. I'm watering my trees, and compost pile. This nice heat is going to accelerate the decomposition. Yeah.

  4. You are so boring.

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  6. ___one good blog and you removed it, where are the anti-censor people ???

  7. Didn't like the language.

    I can tolerate criticism but let's keep it clean.