Monday, December 29, 2008

Cardinals Advance - Holmgren Coaches Final Game

Beyond Laredo and Dallas, another bastion of Cowboy fans can be found in Phoenix, Arizona. Visits by the Cowboys are usually greeted by more Cowboys than Cards fans. Things may be changing. Cards ended regular season with their best record in 20 years and won (the admittedly weak) NFC West. Though not a powerhouse player just yet, Cards may have ingredients to have a run in next couple of years - even Matt Leinert looked pretty good controlling the game in the 4th. After hitting a rough stretch, Cards picked up some momentum by beating Seattle 34-21 Sunday on Mike Holmgren's last coaching gig(?) and will host their first playoff game since 1947 next Sunday at University of Phoenix Stadium. This will be one day before the Horns arrive at same joint to finish their business for the year.


  1. JJ, bring us some pics of the Cards' tailgating scene.

  2. See link for pics. Tailgating was a bit tame frankly. Further, they are STRICT around here. You basically get the death penalty for any DUI and they have security lined up all over the place. Either way, I imagine enthusiasm will be a few orders of magnitude higher when Ohio State and Texas faithful arrive next weekend..

  3. Nice.

    Arizonans have something to celebrate now.