Saturday, November 15, 2008

Friday Night Lights in Laredo

The LCC Show Band held its fall concert last night. The band did a wonderful job but the night's draw was a drum-off between "Curly" Castillo, and "Chale" Castillo (son, father).

They ripped through "Sing, Sing, Sing" at the end of the show. It was well done.

Afterwards I tried getting a picture of the two but they kept blowing me off so screw them and the drum thrones they rode in on. (I'm not bitter)


  1. ___joe compean is a horrible MC, i get tired of hearing how good his son Dr. Compean is, kick him off the band and let a real student play the sax, get Arias off too, he has been there too many years, giving an award to his Dad every years is also annoying, ok, so he was a great tejano pioneer musician jijole . . .

  2. _chano was there.

    Even Curly and Chale - can't they find other drummers to sit in.

  3. How dare ye blaspheme the "Friday Night Lights" namesake by associating it with this pompous father-son drummer duo!!!??? Let me go an turn on some "Explosions in the Sky" (theme song) music to make the world a nicer sounding place!!!