Sunday, November 30, 2008


Tiger Icon John Silva Sr.

Former Martin H.S. Asst. Principal John Silva passed away Wednesday.
is remembered for coining the phrase "People of Tigerland" which could be heard and still resounds at the pep rallies

I'll never forget the commanding figure that left us with a timeless phrase.

Texas Gun Sales

One more negative thing to come out of Laredo:  Guns sold here to aid mexican drug cartels.
One man who profited from their sale told the Express-News he used the money for a down payment on a house in Laredo
Texas legislators are heading back to Austin in January proposing bills that would give college students tax breaks on books, or having a woman see her sonogram images before having an abortion.  Why don't they suggest something "mavericky" like ban the sale of semi-automatic weapons in Texas?  Hell, just Laredo!
ATF agents had followed the serial numbers to Universal Sporting Goods in Laredo
Instead of sending aid money to Mexico, let's help them by stopping the flow of guns.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

NFC Standings

New York Giant Plaxico Burress won't be doing a lot of standing for a while. He accidentally shot himself in the leg.
the injuries are not believed to be life-threatening

Plaxico please! Stay out of trouble.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Martin H.S. Class of '83 Reunion

I'm a former Martinite but I don't recognize any of these people. There was one guy I knew but only because we worked at the same place years after we both graduated.

Thank you "people of Tigerland" for letting me capture the moment. The Martin Band making a cameo to play the fight song was a nice touch. I'll post the video tomorrow.

No Affiliation

I found this picture stickered on a truck's tailgate yesterday. I visited the place and got a card. The full car treatment goes for $135 (car). It's more for bigger vehicles.

Bush Legacy?

Where does Bush come up with these crazy ideas?
Bush said that he wants to be known as a president "that focused on individuals rather than process; that rallied people to serve their neighbor

Serve their neighbor? I must've missed that memo.

It's laughable the way he wants us to remember him as a man of compassion when we'll have memories of Abu Ghraib, Katrina, Iraqi refugees, and Valerie Plame.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The 2008 Guajolote 10K in Laredo, Texas

The race is over and I'm glad with my performance. Not one stop whatsoever. But I need to work on my water station cup grab, and sip. Luckily I didn't spit on anyone.

My team members said that they saw some cat/pitbull/something carcass somewhere on Santa Maria. Guts and all were on full display. I missed it.

At the four-mile marker, near Chili's, a car was inching up behind me. I couldn't be the last one I thought. It turned out to be somebody wanting to go into the Wal-Mart to shop (or work). Thanks go out to Laredo PD for controlling those wanting to encroach on our race.

It wasn't until near the fifth mile, near Coyote Creek, that my quads started to cramp a bit.

Overall, it was a nice cool day for a run. I'll post some video later today. Now let's eat!


Dallas v. Seattle at 3:15.

Yam it up people.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Big Day Monday

The local Chemical (Guard) Unit will be home Monday.  They've spent this year in Kabul, Afghanistan.  The big welcome is scheduled for 8 p.m. at the airport.

Let's Move On

Local newspaper LareDOS and Mayor Raul Salinas have settled for 15K.
Salinas asked an employee of the Convention and Visitors Bureau to remove copies of the newspaper

Salinas didn't like that he was ridiculed by LareDOS, and now he's (we) paying for it.

Watch the video to see how lazy he is.

That's like three pounds that he would've had to haul away. Outrageous. Or maybe he's a germ freak like Howie Mandel, unwilling to soil his hands with public objects, much less those accompanied by scathing criticisms.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

To Serve and Protect

It hasn't been a good year for some of Laredo's finest.

The latest story involves a United H.S. officer taken into custody for allegedly having a thing with a minor.
Sources say the UISD officer in question was previously a Laredo police officer and was fired from LPD

Wow, if it's not one cop (allegedly) getting into a fight at a bar, it's another (allegedly) menacing his wife, or another (allegedly) doing gawd knows what with a minor.

This is apparently the best the city has to offer. What does that say about the hundreds of applicants who don't make the police academy cut?

Approximately one year ago, the Laredo Police Dept. got its biggest black eye of all time - former police chief Agustin Dovalina admitted to taking part in a bribery scheme. And still the negative hits keep on coming.

La Sanbe will feature its Person of the Year next month. I'm seriously thinking about choosing the whole police department as this year's honoree, such as when Time picked "YOU" as their Person of the Year a while back. But I won't do that because I'm sure there are some good cops out there.

If you have any suggestions for this year's pick, let me know. Happy Thanksgiving all.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Four birds

That's the park next to J.C. Martin Elementary School in the background.

Good eats

I include this video because Matt says Texas A&M International University. Could there be another TAMIU?

So Close To The Holidays

The owner of Ambush Exterminators is going away for a while.
Ramirez, 46, must serve one year

Short Week

  • Shop downtown Laredo for a Vii system. It's not quite a Wii, but it's only $23.
  • Saul Ramirez is on HUD shortlist.
  • Haven't heard anything on the proposed farmers' market for Laredo.

Dr Pepper Extends Free Coupon Offer

Everyone in America* has until 6 PM EST on Monday, November 24 to get a free 20 oz. Dr Pepper

PLANO, Texas, Nov 24, 2008 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Based on tremendous consumer response, Dr Pepper is extending its offer for a free Dr Pepper until 6 PM EST on Monday, November 24.

1. Go to or call 1-888-DRPEPPER (1-888-377-3773)
2. Register your information online or by phone to receive a coupon for
one free 20-oz. Dr Pepper.
3. When your coupon arrives, redeem it wherever Dr Pepper is sold.

Allow 4-6 weeks for coupon to arrive. Coupons will expire on Feb. 28, 2009. Limit one coupon per person. Full terms and conditions available at

* Guitarists Slash and Buckethead are not eligible for free soda
SOURCE Dr Pepper

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Loye Young - Formerly of TAMIU

Loye Young was fired by TAMIU for making public the names of students who were caught cheating. He posted the names of the students on his blog. His syllabus had this warning:
I will promptly and publicly fail and humiliate anyone caught lying, cheating, or stealing

This guy doesn't fool around.
The story was picked up by the Daily Texan, and BOR.

New Guns, Free Dr. Pepper,

Today only - you, me and every man, woman and child in the U.S. are due a free Dr. Pepper. We can all thank Uncle Axl (shown below saying hello) finally delivering his new album.

Offer is good for today only by going to Dr. Pepper site. You'll see a promo link on bottom left.

Site has been crashing. But, any LaSanbe reader worth his salt will keep trying because this is free stuff we're talking about. I guess you're supposed to enter information and coupon will arrive a few weeks later. Coupon will carry an expiration date. The actual album does not carry an expiration date as I understand it. And oh yeah, if you want to listen to album, you can go to band's Myspace site.

10Ks in Laredo

I was lucky enough to get a t-shirt for Thursday's race. But I don't know what to do with the water bottle since the holder didn't come with any clamps. I might just turn it into a bird feeder or something.

Hamilton Trophies won't be the only one conducting a race on Thanksgiving. Hands Across South Texas, a child care advocate group is also getting in on the action.
All race proceeds will go to provide Thanksgiving meals for poor families in the Laredo area

I like it already.
Money left over will go to buy jackets for kids. Truly a noble cause. But here's my favorite part.
to expedite the runners back to their families, runners will receive a computer chip to take their time as they finish

Hamilton's organizers will hand out index cards, and Hands Across South Texas will hand out computer chips. How Long before Hamilton's race becomes obsolete?

Guns N' Roses : Chinese Democracy

Make Love: Japanese Style

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Happy Hours

I invited a friend to tag along as I made my way into a couple of Laredo's dive bars. The first one we visited is located on Lane St. near the old Mercy Hospital. It is said that the place is a favorite with local politicos, and law enforcement types. The word we got was that Saul Ramirez (former mayor) was going to work in the Obama administration as HUD Secretary. I'll keep an eye out for that.

Anyway, we settled right in, even though there was an older crowd present. We liked this place because of its relaxed atmosphere and the fact that they had college football on the tubes. Nice. My friend ran into an old buddy so two beers turned into four. By the time we left, Texas Tech was down 28-7 before the half.

Next up was a bar on the corner of Sta. Maria and Scott. This place was jumping with dancing couples. Overall, it was a younger crowd. The bar's walls didn't have any clutter, just neon beer signs. It also didn't have any college football.

So we made ourselves out to the patio and what do we find? A couple of beer bottle escape chutes. The thing is: you have the bartenders on one side of the wall, and the trash cans on the other. Empty beer bottles are sent through the chutes to land in the trash cans. I don't know about you but we got a big kick out of that.

Cheers everyone. Drive safe.

UPDATE: July 20, 2019

Above is a snapshot of a Laredo Times clipping from 1990, when Saul Ramirez and Bebe Zuniga went into a runoff election to succeed Aldo Tatangelo.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ambling around

Laredo's riverwalk. Like no other.

It's Turkey Time

My team leader did me the favor of picking up my t-shirt for next week's race.
Along with the shirt came a water bottle, and this race day schedule.

If you notice carefully, you can see the uneven cut at the bottom of the paper.

This flyer does not scream 29th year. This thing tells me that attention to detail is not a priority.

Item #5 I'm not sure about. It could be one of the race sponsors, or that we're in store for an upgrade from last year's event.

No time is noted for the beginning of the race. That may be because the opening ceremony might run long.

Look over the agenda and tell me what you think. Feel free to be brutal.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

United and Martin Class Reunions

The Martin High School Class of '83 is having their reunion the day after Thanksgiving at the Atrium.

And the United High School Class of '88 is having their reunion on the 29th at the Embassy Suites.

La Sanbe will try to "crash" the parties to bring you the highlights.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Another One Closing

Lane Bryant is just not that trendy for Laredo's taste.

Thanks for the memories Lane Bryant. It's been a good 20+ year run.

Cheney Named In Indictment

Alberto Gonzalez and other South Texas politicians are included.

District Attorney Juan Guerra has brought indictments against several key political officials

2008 just keeps on giving.

Juvenile Drug Use

Authorities see a disturbing trend among Laredo juveniles.
Cada mes se arrestan entre 100 y 120 menores infractores, el problema es
producido por consumir sustancias controladas

Trans: Every month, between 100 and 120 minors are arrested, a problem the product of drug use.
"Las adicciones están convirtiéndose en un gran dolor de cabeza para la
Policía, estos muchachos están robando para poder comprar drogas y en un momento
dado pueden cometer delitos más serios", señaló.
Trans: The addictions are proving to be a pain in the ass (actually a big headache) for the Police, these young men are stealing so they can buy drugs and could possibly commit more serious offenses.
It amazes me how some locals leave their cars on while they make a quick stop at a convenience store. That's just a prank waiting to happen. Let's say, for instance, a young, intelligent, handsome man is out taking a stroll around the neighborhood and comes across such a vehicle - he could easily take command of the car/truck, or just steal the keys to teach the driver a lesson. But he wouldn't do that because he has to finish training for the upcoming Turkey Day 10K. BUT IT COULD HAPPEN!
Recently a couple of thieves were busted for burglarizing several cars in North Laredo. The owners of the cars made it easy for them by leaving their cars unlocked.
So word to the wise: locks your cars. You'll be doing your part in the war on drugs.

Smiles everyone!

City leaders are stressing customer service as Laredo prepares for the influx of shoppers coming in from Northern Mexico. But getting a smile out of someone in Laredo's service industry might be easier said than done. Hell, sometimes you don't even get eye contact. Perhaps we're just not the smiling kind here in the Gateway City.

Now, I'll excuse all men from smiling at all. Laredo men don't smile. They know the big bear hug, with manly back-slapping at funeral services, and they know the loud handshake, mostly seen at carne asadas. You know the one - it's the handshake that starts by raising your right hand off to the side, and bringing it down to meet the other's hand, making a deep, clapping sound. That's the sound of manliness. It's also the sound that says I've never read a book cover to cover, and I'd miss my wife's delivery to go see the Cowboys play in person.

So we'll have to focus on the ladies. Please, ladies, give holiday shoppers the best smile you can. Maybe your smiles will rub off on your male colleagues. Now we know that your boyfriends, or husbands haven't sent you any flowers in a long time. That's because they've spent the money on a Tony Romo jersey. But try to put personal needs aside for a moment. Give us a smile for the betterment of Laredo's image. Just try to forget that you live in Laredo, maybe that'll help.

Now get out there and smile!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Pull up a swing

Mexican nationals are heading back home after a long weekend (Monday off for Dia de la Revolucion).

Traffic heading into Bridge II was backed up two miles tonight.

Thankfully I live far from that area. All I hear is the chirping of crickets.

This Is Like That

Homers on the Range compares characters in Major League to the Dallas Cowboys.
Wade Phillips should be working in a tire shop because he is losing all their games

What does it really mean?

Viva Laredo looks into the problem of tagging at the elementary school level.
there is a fair amount of drugs at the elementary level, but they do not see
anything that indicates gang involvement

Oh good, now I'm reassured.
Will leave early today to have a talk with my son.

Less than a week left..

In less than 1 week, we will know who has final leg up on winning the Big 12 South. We'll also have this..

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Football Wrap-Up

Alexander HS can boast that they have their own water tank, so to speak. This structure is located about two blocks north of San Martin de Porras Church. This is weird because the school is located about four miles northward.

Nevertheless, this now makes Martin HS the only high school that doesn't have their name emblazoned on a water tank. In their honor, I suggest painting San Bernardo Ave. red (school color) since there are no more tanks to claim.

But as far as local football, United HS will play another game next weekend. They are the only Laredo team still alive. Luck to them.

The Dallas Cowboys, now 6-4, came out with a win tonight. Laredo fans are surely breathing a sigh of relief. My response to that is: the Cardinals have a better record (7-3).

The Titans keep on chugging; they're 10-0. Must be nice.

And oh yeah, the Texans lost.

Henry Cuellar Talks Trade

U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar emceed the Laredo Small Business Panel Discussion at TAMIU on Friday. Topics covered were government contracting and international trade.

At one point, one of the panelists made the case that free trade with Columbia is a no-brainer. The example she gave was related to flowers grown in Columbia that the U.S. buys. (I didn't know our flowers came from Columbia) If the Columbian Free Trade Agreement was passed, Columbian flower growers would have an easier plight, since they would not have to pay fees on fertilizer from the U.S. As a result more fertilizer would be shipped down south. This would end up creating more jobs for people here at home who would have to load and unload the cargo at airports, and then move it to their final destination.

Bush wanted the Columbian Free Trade Agreement passed before he left office, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen - especially not when Columbian workers have to deal with intimidation at the hands of corporate bastards.
...Columbian union leaders were getting murdered by corporations

They didn't mention that little tidbit at the panel discussion. But then talks of free trade always focus on the creation of jobs that the U.S. will benefit from, and not on any detrimental consequences.

I asked Cuellar about jobs lost in the Midwest because of NAFTA. He didn't see how NAFTA could possibly be tied to that situation. Watch below.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Nosotros somos mas chingones.

Friday Night Lights in Laredo

The LCC Show Band held its fall concert last night. The band did a wonderful job but the night's draw was a drum-off between "Curly" Castillo, and "Chale" Castillo (son, father).

They ripped through "Sing, Sing, Sing" at the end of the show. It was well done.

Afterwards I tried getting a picture of the two but they kept blowing me off so screw them and the drum thrones they rode in on. (I'm not bitter)


Why anyone would want to hear these songs, or watch the videos, is beyond me. Pure cheese.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Sunday in San Antonio

S.A. is hosting a Rock&Roll Marathon in two days. They're calling it that because bands will be playing along the race route. But others are also getting in on the event.
At Taco Haven, co-owner Reggie Torres is stocking up on bottled water and hoping
spectators will walk in from the course, which goes past the restaurant on South
Presa Street

I'm taking part in this year's Thanksgiving Day 10K here in Laredo. This is a first for me. I've got all these questions, and concerns. Will Laredoans line up to see us run? Will they mock us with comments like: no traes nada!, eh te va ganando una mujer!, parece que te vas a desmallar!

What am I thinking, this is Laredo; on Thanksgiving morning, people will barely wake up to see the Macy's Parade on t.v..

The race starts at 9 a.m. and goes down Santa Maria Ave. so I'm sure some residents will be watching from their porches, and front yards.

Either way, I hope I can run it all and not make any stops.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Liberal Media My Ass

Yay! Shepard Smith.

End of an era

Mervyn's is closing shop next month or so. Circuit City has filed for bankruptcy. And now my better half has gotten word that Dillard's might be closing too. It might just be rumor.

Biking down Zacate Creek

This area in the Azteca neighborhood could actually be a good place to meditate. The sound of the running water soothes you into tranquility and then the odor of algae and E. Coli slaps you in the face.

Turkey Two Weeks Till Touchdown

  • La Posada now offers shuttle service, but it will only take you eight blocks away.
Six riders were taking advantage of the trolley as it made its route from La
Posada Hotel to the downtown El Metro transit center
  • A media company that owns several radio stations in Mexico has decided to broadcast in our sister city, Nuevo Laredo. The irony is that they have provided me with more alternative acts than local radio stations have in the past, and probably ever will. In the last couple of weeks I've heard acts such as: Groove Armada, Kings of Leon, Bright Eyes, (newer) Cure, Portishead, etc. But that's been the case for me so far - I've had to look elsewhere when it comes to entertainment.
  • More on music: One local DJ I like listening to is TJ on 99.3 FM. He usually plays a lot of classic stuff but every now and then he throws in a deep track. The reason I bring him up is because he mentioned the passing of Mitch Mitchell on his show today. I appreciate the fact that he took the time to mention Jimi Hendrix's drummer. TJ not only plays the music, he reports it too.
  • Houston wants nothing to do with those stupid air-powered puppets. (video)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Nothing to see here

Move along citizen.

Nevermind us.

Not Feeling The Love

Two local veterans, Reynaldo Reyna and Nicolas Nanez, lament that the community doesn't come out to give thanks to those who have served their country in times of war.

Mr. Nanez pointed out that even when ceremonies are held on weekends, they're poorly attended. For once he'd like to see other people at Veteran's Day ceremonies besides his own family.

Introducing the iRack

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Victoria and Main - Laredo, TX

Good news

The local 436th Chemical Company is scheduled to return to Laredo before the end of the month from Kabul, Afghanistan.

My brother-in-law, and two high school friends are with that unit. My sister said that the homecoming celebration will take place at the UISD Student Activity Complex. I'm sure there won't be a dry eye in the place.

The media will definitely be there, and by that I mean me in all my 5 megapixel glory.

I'm going to say it

Last week I predicted that Hillary would be our next Secretary of State.
Two Obama advisers confirm the idea has been discussed

It's not a done deal, but still, I'm the man!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Bye Week Thread

Tonight the Cowboys are thinking: if we can only win five or six more games, we'll be alright.

Moving to the center

On two occasions since the election, Henry Cuellar has noted that progress will come through compromise.
"Having Rahm (White House Chief of Staff Emanuel) in his cabinet will help work
toward something in the middle of the road."

In other words, thank goodness Emanuel will be on hand to tamp down Obama's crazy liberal agenda.
Excuse me but people just overwhelmingly rejected the ideals of the GOP. People want change. If anyone should be extending their hand it should be the republicans.

Obama's win was big; we know it and the world knows it. Now is not the time to take on a half-assed approach. And you can already see it: Obama plans to use his executive powers to overturn Bush policies on stem cell research funding, and domestic drilling for oil and natural gas.

So much for middle of the road.
You can't be "middle of the road" with a codename like Renegade.

Special on sweaters

Obama wearing UT merch.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

UISD streaker

During their halftime show, the Alexander HS Band respectfully stopped playing to give more attention to the streaker on the field.

Tech Looking Good

#2 Tech took to its newfound spotlight by demolishing a good Okie State team. One state over in Louisiana, Asshole Saban took his #1 rated Tide into a very hostile environment and walked away with a win. This sets first of a few titanic matchups between now and December 6. First up is Tech Raiders vs. Sooners in stormin Norman Oklahomophobia in 2 weeks. That will determine who gets first dibs for Big 12 Championship game. SEC Championship is now set between Snake Saban and Lasanbe's boy Tim Tebow. Old man Paterno lost his hip, knee, dignity, marbles & undefeated record on Saturday, so that leaves an all SEC/Big 12 top 5: Alabama, Tech, Florida, Texas and Oklahoma. To be continued..

Saturday, November 8, 2008

County First

Yesterday a giant plastic check had his 15 minutes of fame as he took part in a Webb County Head Start ceremony. The symbolic rectangular object stood firmly and gleamed for the cameras ahead of popular, camera-loving locals.

The check humbly said, "I can't take full credit for this; I'm merely a small player in the grand scheme of things. What's more important is that preschoolers, parents, and teachers will have the tools to continue their mission."
The gesture was drowned out by the hubris in the room.

Saturday night slacking

...watching the tele and thinking 'bout your holidays!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Eats on La Sanbe

Arby's opened up shop on San Bernardo this week.
Eating is something Laredo is all too familiar with.

Joe the Plumber

He pays in to welfare by paying his taxes. Well, not really. (video)

Why bother?

The only reason I go downtown is to pay my water bill. And then sometimes I pay it by phone.
The mission of Laredo Main Street is to revitalize the downtown area

Bring back the Plaza Theater!!!


Juliet V. Garcia will be on Obama's transition team.
greatly honored to have been invited to take part in the historic
transition of our young democracy

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Blues guitar in Laredo

Let's see, we have a Selena mural near the Main Boys Club, and Stevie Ray Vaughn at a garage on Springfield Ave. We need us a Kurt Cobain somewhere; and a Joey Ramone, or Joe Strummer.

From El Chacon to La Ladri

People from LISD's District 2 chose to give more votes to former Martin H.S. vice principal Jesus Martinez.
Martinez, a 1959 Martin High School graduate, said his goal is to return public trust and dignity to the school board

I wish Mr. Martinez luck.

But getting back to trust and dignity, Mr. Martinez will be in for a treat in dealing with John Montalvo, Mina Montes, and Jose Valdez (father of City Councilman Jose Valdez Jr.)
Valdez won 100% of the vote since he ran unopposed. Last night on Pro8news, he blathered on about dealing with board members who are ineligible to partake in district matters because their residence doesn't match the district they represent.

Recently, Montalvo went a bit further by trying to get the FBI involved.

This story won't go away since Ms. Montes' residence is the one in question. I expect some nonsensical ravings from her before too late.

Again, I wish Mr. Martinez luck.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Summer trip

2008 has turned out to be one hell of a year.


Obama wins it!!!

Still waiting on Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, and Indiana.

Even more numbers

Finally, somebody else has some local results in.

It's not looking good for incumbents Jesus Guerra (LISD) and Francisco Gonzalez (UISD).


Obama has racked up 103 electoral votes, and McCain 34 EVs.

Pro8news will have some numbers of local races in about fifteen minutes.

In Webb County, Obama has gotten 71%, and McCain 27%. (early numbers)

UISD Board
Rose Cruz 49%
Judd Gilpin 50%

And 60% are voting for the construction of a new baseball field near the LEC.

LISD Board
Justo Guerra has 9% of the vote and is in 3rd place
8:00 pm

TX - US Senate
Cornyn 52%
Noriega 46%

US House
Cuellar 64%
Fish 34%

Texas Senate
Zaffirini 68%
Bruni 30%

LISD Board
J. Martinez 44%
Bruni 38%

J. Perez 44%
Hilda Villarreal 40%
Justo Guerra ---
9:10 pm

Polling sites in Laredo

The Election Day bug didn't hit the locals as much as in other places around the country. Some campaign supporters set up camp outside Cigarroa H.S. In the Chacon neighborhood, things are much quieter. No campaigning. No lines. No traffic.

The World is Watching Tonight

Results will follow.

Super Tuesday

OK, bring on the results.

But first, some predictions.
I predict Justo Guerra will be ousted from his school board position.

Also, Virginia will go for Obama.

Hillary Clinton will be our next Secretary of State.

And the Election Night Sanbe Updates of local races will make it difficult for me to wake up tomorrow morning.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Big day tomorrow

Good night.

The politics of football

Blinded by ego

It's weird to see people waving Confederate Flags and supporting Obama for president.
That he has any racist supporters at all points to a quality in bigotry
that few people even acknowledge--flexibility.
Flexibility has been lacking in Laredo this election cycle. People can't bring themselves to vote for Obama because they're still upset over Hillary's loss, they think an Obama presidency would be punitive towards Hispanics, they focus on a single issue (abortion), or they're just not sure who the real Obama is. And really, how can you get to know the real Obama, I mean, he's only been on t.v. 24/7 for the last two years. But I digress.

It's a sad state of affairs in Laredo when white Midwest racists make more sense than a community that's supposed to be a stronghold for Democrats.

Water conservation

Plans for a new waterpark are being scrapped.
A motion on the agenda would redistribute the $1 million earmarked for the
project to the acquisition of a trolley for downtown

Let's secure a secondary water source before talking about constructing a water park. The fact that we can only water on certain days, at certain hours, should tell us something.

As far as the trolley: Chicago has free trolleys that take tourists up and down points of interest like the Field Museum, the John Hancock Building, the Navy Pier.

Laredo will have a trolley, but no destination.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Rick Noriega in Laredo

Rick Noriega was touring South Texas yesterday, spreading his message with several days to go before the big day. La Sanbe caught up with him at Jarvis Plaza to get a sense of his mood heading into Tuesday.

The aftermath

"You rise, you fall, your down, then you rise again. What don't kill you make you more strong."
- James Hetfield

The four game gauntlet is over and the results are not too bad. 3-1 against 4 straight top 12 teams and a top 5 ranking headed into the easier part of the schedule. On the downside, Tech exposed a weak running game and the young secondary. Looking at replays, Texas basically ran the same offense they unveiled against the Sooners. Tech D was prepared and had done its homework. On the upside, this team has some character. They fought until the last play and those young receivers and defensive backs now have good playing time against quality opponents.

This is new AP Top 10 after the Saturday night thriller.

1. Alabama
2. Texas Tech
3. Penn State
4. Florida
5. Texas
6. Oklahoma
7. USC
8. Oklahoma State
9. Boise State
10. Utah

It sucks to see Nick Saban on top. I hate that asshole. I hope our boy Tim Tebow buries that idiot come SEC championship time. Tech still has Okie and Okie State, so good luck to them. As for Texas, the Big 12, a BCS birth or better is still in play for this year, we'll give this a few more weeks before we start looking ahead to next year..

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Out and about

Young Democrats out at Jarvis Plaza spreading the word of hope to the public.
Rick Noriega, candidate for U.S. Senate, was there too to ask for support from the natives.

I'll post his comments later.

Saturday night thread

UT is losing to Tech, 0-5, in the first quarter.