Friday, August 15, 2008

Cheap labor

A multimillionaire entrepreneur comes to the aid of immigrants.
A hardcore free-market believer, Hildreth said immigration policy should be driven by economics and not politics.

Companies are always outsourcing jobs to "stay competetive." But what about those that can't move their operations overseas? Farmers, Wal-Mart, and every hotel in Las Vegas need cheap labor. Why should they be at a disadvantage when Levi's is able to relocate to Mexico?
"We always need more laborers to stay the strongest country in the world," said Hildreth, a former economist with the International Monetary Fund who now directs a private investment firm, mostly focused on Latin America.

I love it when businessmen are honest with us.


  1. ___"ees" better to relocate los parientes thar leeve in Mejico y breeng them heer y no mandar the "werk" pa'lla . . .

  2. The people who put in an honest day's work need to be brought out of the shadows and given a chance to make their lives here.

  3. ___god bless the gardeners, los food workers, y los lava coches, illegals all but what would we do without them . . .