Sunday, August 10, 2008

Buenos dias, como amanecio?


My wife and I were wakened to the sound of gunfire this morning. This is the third time we've heard blasts coming from the same direction in the last sixty days. I always thought that it was the neighbors shooting into the sky, or playing around with Mexican fireworks (palomas). But a friend recently told me that Nuevo Laredo doesn't allow the sale, or use, of fireworks.

What was different today was that we heard about ten consecutive shots fired. There's no snooze button on that; you are up at that point.

So we peek outside but the streets are desolate. We spot a couple of neighbors outside of their houses, trying to find out what happened. Within five minutes of the shots, police sirens are coming in our direction.
I dare venture out of my house only when I see more people standing outside in their pajamas.
At this point, a cop has blocked the street with his patrol car, and taped off the area with the yellow plastic ribbon that you see in every movie crime scene.

I'm thinking, oh crap, somebody's dead.

A neighbor hails me after he/she gives the officer a statement. There I go, in pajamas, with awesome bedhead, and the sleep still in my eyes, to gossip at dawn.

I excuse myself after a while thinking that Pro8News will be here any second, and catch me in my Sunday's best.
Anyway, word is that someone got grazed by a bullet near the face.
We'll see what becomes of this.
Have a good day y'all.


  1. ___incredible !, you and your neighbors all sleep in pajamas, what high polluting barrio is this ? y en que suburb ?

  2. In what part of Laredo do you live?

    And I was thinking the same thing about the pajamas (LOL).

  3. ___dicen que en el CantaRanas (o singing frogs) or either it is "el chacon"

  4. It's El Chacon.

    I should've said nightwear. Either way, it was early.

  5. Describe that "nightwear" why don't you...

    Personally, my barrio days have me in a "wife-beater," to my better half's chagrin.

  6. Pajama pants, and a sleeveless Everlast tee, if you must know.

    Pro8News did mention the shooting. A 46 year-old man was shot in the face and is recovering at Laredo Med. Center.

  7. ___it's scary, what are all these "malhechores" doing up at that hour anyway : going for the barbacoa ???

  8. ___what to do with all the leftover pajama tops ? simple, wear them as "country" shirts al casablanca con los wranglers y las botas . . .

  9. I believe this occurred in the 1500 block of Piedra China