Saturday, July 5, 2008

Rush never sleeps

Rush is featured on the latest issue of Rolling Stone (Obama cover). But if you go to the magazine's website, the story is nowhere to be found. ?????

Rush has been at it for 30+ years, and now RS is "gracious" enough to devote four whole pages to the band. Thank you, Rolling Stone, we are not worthy of your generosity.
I guess they figure that Rush won't move mags off the shelves, nevermind that they consistently pack venues to this day.

If I want to keep up with stories about Kid Rock, or Amy Winehouse, I'll renew my RS subscription. Until then, I'll keep scouring the internets for Rush info.


  1. Can't remember last time a top flight drummer made the Hall of Fame. Cream maybe?

  2. Hmm. Good question.

    I don't see the Hall of Fame inducting Rush anytime soon.

  3. Even the great bands have mostly had average drummers.

  4. I've been a Rush ADORER since 1976 and Rolling Stone has been ignoring/'dissing' them since then.

    Who gives a flying fuck? I've been attending their shows since the "Farewell to Kings" tour and the packed houses speak for themselves.

    And fuck the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame as well.

  5. Louis has it right. Fuck those guys. Long live Rush.