Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Photo above (added 7/7/2016) features escalators in the abandoned Riverdrive Mall. [courtesy photo]

UPDATE: July 8, 2019  Photo below is of the original JC Penney store.  I found it online.  The department store used to be located on Convent Ave.

The photo below was the original blog post.  I had a little trouble in updating this post.  Anyway, the photo below is mine.


  1. Dude, that's the JCPenney entrance. I met Charlie Waters and got his autograph there back in the day.

    Is the entire mall closed? A big 'ol carcass?

  2. I remember buying Pink Floyd's "Meddle" album at that JC Penney "back in the day". Also, the hotel was a Hilton.

    By the way, LOVE the high-definition pics that are posted on this bolg.

  3. There is a Factory 2U store on the street (Zaragosa) level closer to Bridge I. I think the spaces closer to the old JC Penney are vacant.
    LISD has a sign posted outside the Penney entrance. I think they use the place for storage.

    The mall was going to be developed into an outlet store facility. There's a banner outside where the McDonald's used to be that reads "Welcome to El Portal Shopping Center" or something like that. That's been years in the making, but the deal fell through lately.

    I don't remember a music section at JC Penney. I do remember the layaway dept. and the escalator.

  4. There was a music store further inside the mall. Actually had a decent collection of music - stuff that wasn't on the radio like Schon & Hammer.

  5. I remember buying my first album there, the Beatles White Album, at Sanchez Supermarket--at least I THINK it was Sanchez; it had an amazing magazine rack and music section; Linda Ronstadt, Steve Miller Band, Cheech and Chong's Los Cochinos; all purchased at lunch time after a quick walk over to the mall from St. Augustine High School, when it was still downtown.

    Nostalgia's a dangerous drug, but I love it and your site and roving eye feeds it!