Thursday, July 3, 2008

Rick Flores' wish list

Christmas can't come soon enough for Rick.
The court document indicates Flores' wish to have Peeples declare him the
true winner of the election or, "in the alternative find that the true outcome
of the election cannot be determined by the court, void said election and
require that a new election be held as provided by law."
And what flavor of cake would the sheriff want with that?

Rick is alleging that 75 people cast ineligible votes.
And I guess he's assuming that all 75 of those people voted for Martin Cuellar.
According to the Flores camp, some people voted twice, were felons, or were not registered properly.
Cuellar's attorneys said the lists are inflated and show how far Flores is
willing to go to hold on to his office.
To his office and his cowboy hat.
Next up: election contest on July 16. Stay tuned.

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