Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Rick Flores v. Martin Cuellar

We're a week away from this fiasco going back to court. Hopefully we'll know who the next sheriff will be before Picnic Day (Australia). But as you can see from this video, both men have made adjustments to their outward appearance.

Rick Flores is no longer wearing the casual Friday attire (jeans with long-sleeved shirt) with a Stetson -- the look he adopted when he became sheriff of Webb County.

And Martin Cuellar is rockin' us with his new Boys of Summer hair, and nicely trimmed 'stache. Interesting.

Tune in July 16 for the next chapter in Border Sheriff: I Got Next.


  1. No Stetson?


    Then I can no longer make Deputy Dawg references. Sad. So sad.

  2. Yeah, Rick is looking more D.A.ish these days.

    His Deputy Dawg days are numbered.