Thursday, July 17, 2008

"We're No. 6! We're No. 6!"

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Sadly, La Sanbe has to report that Forbes Magazine's latest rankings of the nation's car theft hot spots has Laredo just out of the top five, behind cities like Modesto, California and Las Vegas, Nevada.

Forbes' article maintains that Laredo's 1,914 thefts give it a per capita theft rate of 820.92, well off Modesto's per capita mark of 1047.99 (based on 5,358 thefts).

This is bittersweet news for La Sanbe since there was a twisted sense of pride in being No. 1.


  1. Modesto, now there's a shithole..

  2. river has lots of water, can a mini flood be near

  3. wowy in maui, it's chowy!

  4. ___a non y mouse, how clever !