Friday, July 25, 2008

I Believe!

I've been MIA backtracking the X-phile knowledge that once consumed me. I have been waiting for this day for a while now, all summer for sure: the opening day for The X-Files: I Want To Believe!
I was a big fan of The X-Files TV series since it began. I have the DVD's; I watch the mini-marathons on the Sci-Fi Channel; I own the Agent Mulder and Agent Scully version of the Ken and Barbie dolls (still in their original box and in mint condish); and I even kept an old poster of Mulder and Scully which was once in my living room, but now in my closet (not to be forgotten). Even my blogname is an ode to the show (a few fun x-phile facts: Piper Maru is the name of the 15th show from Season 3, which originally aired Feb. 1996. It is the name of a French salvage ship on the show, but the writers used the name as a tribute to Gillian Anderson aka Agent Scully. Her daughter, Piper Maru, was born during the first season of the series.)
I still remember that Mulder's apartment number was 42, that Scully was referred to as "Starbuck" by her father, and who could forget the wacky trio The Lone Gunmen. But although I don't remember all the conspiracy theories and the intricate details that I used to, I'm still very much a fan.
The movie plot has been kept under wraps. I hope to be surprised. I'm on my way to the theater now. My review, however biased, to follow.
The truth is out there...
UPDATE: See PIPER's movie review in comments section


  1. Dave Duchovny was on Live with Regis and Kelly, subbing for the old guy and plugging his movie this morning.

    He promised it would be the BEST. MOVIE. EVER.

  2. He got a little fresh with guest, Christine Barransky.

    I always thought that one of the Lone Gunmen looked like Geddy Lee's cousin.

  3. Sorry to break it to you, but the movie was not too great.

    Went to a midnite screening - didn't exactly sell out. Audience (my friends and I) clapped when we saw Scully and Mulder and Skinner.

    Scully seemed bored throughout the whole thing. Wat did you al think?

  4. ___it is all fiction, UFO's are damn real

  5. I saw a floating, glowing object/person in the movie's trailer. It wasn't in the movie. What the fuck?!

    I thought the clues the priest was giving to Scully was a bit of a stretch. He would just blurt out something that was supposedly insignificant but
    she found a way to connect the dots on her own.

    It could've leaned more towards the paranormal.

  6. There's an X Files movie coming out?

  7. Here sits a very disappointed Piper. Enough with the 3rd person. The X-Files I Want To Believe was a big letdown to me. It sorta played out like an extra long episode, and there had been MUCH BETTER episode plots than the one used in this script. As I sat there in the theater, I was thinking: "I that really ALL this is about???" It's the X-FILES for goodness sake! They could've chosen ANY paranormal, haunted, UFO/alien, supernatural- related topic; BUT NO! We got some freakish CSI/Medium episode that frankly was dull for the most part and didn't make me care about it.
    ON THE POSITIVE SIDE: We did get to see Mulder and Scully again (and even Skinner briefly). We saw that they live together (That PG-13 bedroom scene alone was worth it for me to at least see my favorite former FBI agents again!), and they did mention their son William [who in the last season of the show was born with some special powers, thanks to Scully's former alien abduction, and who the gov't. and other interests would not stop following to try to get their hands on him BUT I DIGRESS). They ended up deciding to give up for adoption so he could have a normal upbringing (ala Harry Potter).]So I was glad to hear the son mentioned, however briefly.
    David Duchovny could have had MORE scenes. Gillian Anderson did a great job considering the script they had. I still love THEM.
    Anyway, wait for the dollar cinema or DVD. Meanwhile I recommend watching the following episodes: "The Host", "Squeeze", "Wetwired", or the almost perfect "Pilot" episode which started it all.