Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dr. Alfredo Quinones

The Today Show ran a story on Dr. Q this morning.

When asked about this nation's efforts to curtail illegal immigration, the good doctor responded by saying that as long as there are Mexican people living in deplorable conditions, you'll continue to see them make every effort to come to America in search of a better life. (Something to that effect)

Alex posted Dr. Q's story two months ago.


  1. wouldn't you ?, i mean if you were born and lived over there, wouldn't you get over here as soon as you could just to drink the bud Light with Lime and fajita tacos (tortilla de harina)

  2. si , we are all illegal inmigrants, it was the river that jumped us, fuera con la Migra !

  3. Here's a sample of what Texans north of Austin think of you guys:


    July 19: Unaddressed Area
    Go green! That's the current media mantra, along with "leaving less of a carbon footprint."

    We are told to buy a hybrid vehicle, replace our bulbs with curly ones, drive less, don't do this, don't do that, and on and on. Of course, common sense tells us we should all be responsible with our environment.

    One area not addressed in this "green" discussion is the illegal immigrant problem.

    For years we have been told there are 12 million illegals here. I would think that the number should be considerably higher by now.

    So by reducing this number significantly (by sending them home) it would take millions of cars off the road, less utilities of each kind being used, less on and on. Just might make a bigger impact than my curly bulb.

    Jim Turvan


    We could start with the ones who have their Mexican flags so proudly flying outside their houses.
    Then get the ones who have the mexican flags flying on their cars. This is it (and pledge allegiance to it) or leave it!
    Next, we offer free classes to learn english, get the ones who don't want to learn.
    Go to the free clinics , then to the welfare office, WIC and all our other programs for tax paying citizens.
    If they do not have the proper id or green card send 'em packing.
    Give them the option of fighting for our country, if they will, give them the incentive of becoming a citizen. There are ways this stuff can be handled, I sure don't understand why its not.


    I submit a small sample because there is not enough room for more.

  4. To many Texans, there is no real distinction between illegals and Tejanos who like to celebrate all things from their heritage, such as speaking Spanish and whatnot.

  5. just as i feared, a backlash, i guess we better start packing all our chit, boxcars leave at ten pm,

  6. Conserve resources by sending immigrants back home?

    That's a new twist on hatred; hadn't heard that one before.

  7. a mejicano is a mejicano is a mejicano y nada mas, nunca seras un americano aunque te cases con madonna

  8. Very profound there.

  9. Madonna is English now..

  10. I thought she was a deity?

  11. What are we talking about here?