Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Juan from Portland points out the difference in climate: Laredo's expected high for Thursday is 106, while Portland will be a cool 58 degrees.

We Laredoans can deal with the heat. All we have to do is stay indoors all day with the AC full blast.
One thing we have trouble with, however, is coping with a lot of rain. Roads become ponds, houses flood, and on occasion, cars float away. Enjoy.

Flood coverage brought to us by our local NBC affiliate, KGNS Channel 10.


  1. City manager Carlos Villarreal defends Laredo's deficiencies by telling us that no drainage system could have handled the amount of rain that fell Monday morning.

    Translation: don't come to us with complaints; for that, see the Man upstairs.

  2. Laredo's status as the largest inland port is always touted by city officials. Supposedly, trade activity here is worth billions.
    Yet we have little to show for it.

  3. It is like a third world country, and not catching up any time soon.
    Sad so sad.

  4. Laredo - it's got a third world charm.

    Please visit.

  5. Blogging in the time of cholera.