Thursday, May 15, 2008

This Day In Laredo: July 22

UPDATE (August 11, 2015):  Arnulfo "Fito" Santos passed away on July 22 of this year.  Apart from being the owner of the Alfredo Santos Grocery Store, formerly located on Sanchez St, he was also once a county commissioner.

In the picture to the left, next to the tractor's boom arm you can see Mr. Santos' name in what appears to be a store bulletin.

Ask any middle-aged west-sider Laredoan if they remember the Alfredo Santos store, and they'll probably have a story or two.  Some locals, however, mistakenly pair this store with the Santos Department Store located at the Riverdrive Mall.  The two were actually independent of each other.  I vaguely remember the Santos store at the downtown mall having a food counter with bar stool seating.

DeLaredo has some interesting before-and-after photos of the Alfredo Santos store.  Early on in my blog's history, I also took notice of the lonely locale.

The following photo was submitted to the LMT for a story on the late Arnulfo Santos:

This last photo belongs with the one at the top posted back in 2008 by yours truly.  (The original post only included of the demolition scenes with the fence blocking the facility.)

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