Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Say it ain't so

Britney's new album might come out on top of Billboard's list tomorrow. Let me get this straight. She bombs at the MTV awards show. She loses custody of her kids to K-Fed. And she can't sing worth a damn. Nevertheless, she's still relevant enough to move cd's off the shelves.
Who's buying these things, besides DJs who work in a gentleman's bar.


  1. I agree it is a sure sign of the Apocalypse. Right along with all those reality shows. Including Flavor of Love and all the stupid spin-offs. And talk about Apocaliptic(?) "Dog" the bounty hunter being sold out by his own SON!! for a mere 15,000 greenbacks. Disgraceful!!!!!!

  2. 15K? Righteous bucks.
    If Dog's own son will bring him down, so be it. Anything to stop the glorification of the leather vest, bleached mullet, and feather clip-on look.
    Regarding 80's TeeVee shows, I was a big fan of Miami Vice. The show was being replayed on FX, or Spike, i forget. Anyway, the bad acting and editing really stuck out. I guess the thing that caught my eye back in the day was the pink t-shirts and wicker slip-on shoes.
    And Sonny Crocket was a cool name.
    It's better than Memphis Raines.

  3. Geez, Alex thanks for announcing to the world (or at least Memo's readers) that the '88 Pitahaya is now online...I don't want to revisit my curly hair and braces. I want to leave my past behind and strut along life with my overblown, straightened hair and perfect white teeth.

  4. Overblown, staightened hair, and perfect white teeth? Danny Valdez?
    I've gone through some yearbooks at Border Title's site. And now they have Nixon's too.
    Don Johnson kept me out of trouble every Friday night. Instead of going to Caballo Loco, I'd be plastered in front of the TV. To get warmed up for my cardio workout, I like to pop Don's "Heartbeat" in the ol' boombox.
    I wonder what he's doing now. Probably playing golf with Kevin Costner.

  5. "The flag is a symbol of states' rights, and the swastika (sic) is a Tibetan good luck charm."
    Robin Williams
    The Dukes of Hazzards desensitized us to the effects of the Confederate Flag. Or perhaps some of our parents didn't raise any red flags (pardon the pun) while we watched Bo and Luke haul ass in the General Lee. It's a kickass car, except for that little thing on the roof.
    Anyway, I read your piece. Nice.

  6. The mayor has slowly gotten on my nerves. And his wife doesn't help. He's got three more years to go, and I'll continue with a lot of eye-rolling.

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