Sunday, November 4, 2007

Half a season in the books

Someone neglected to tell Peyton Manning that he wasn't filming a commercial.
Here's a priceless tip for you: don't throw interceptions - at home - against the Patriots!


  1. Yeah, tell that to Peyton, and Marvin Harrison. I hate the Patriots. Let me rephrase that. I hate belly-check!
    My wish is that the playoffs bring different results.

  2. So, Memo is saying that an inferior team should win in the playoffs?

    I'm no Pats fan, but they are clearly the best team out there. I see only injuries stopping them at this point. That or some juiced up D-line that can get to Brady and knock him down on every play.

  3. Inferior teams have taken it all in the past.
    Anyway, The Pats are now complaining that they won by a mere four points because the noise level in Indy was 'manufactured'.
    This is another reason to hate the Pats: they can't be happy with a win.

  4. No, neither was Jimmy "Genius" Johnson when he led the Pokes to 2 straight (of what should have been 4 straight). Jimmy divorced his wife after a jog so he could focus on the Cowboys. Belly-check holds a grudge like no other. Both are cold blooded assassins.

    I don't believe this is a nice guy contest.

  5. Yeah, it isn't a beauty contest either.
    My regards to Johnson's barber.

  6. They call them 'ugly wins' for a reason..

  7. It's Tuesday and sports radio is still talking about the Pats and Colts matchup.
    Did anyone care about the game on Monday between the Steelers and Ravens?
    The Laredo Morning Times certainly didn't care.
    It was an awful game for the Ravens but Cmon!

  8. the Steelers played this weekend?

  9. Yes! The Steelers did play.
    They murdered the Ravens, 38-7.
    Pitt is 6 and 2 - atop the AFC North.
    Next up for Pitt? the Browns, who are 5 and 2.