Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fear of a brown nation

White people are in trouble, or so says Pat.


  1. Fear is front and center this election year. But who cares about the sub-prime mortgage mess, high gas prices, and corruption when we've got a Cowboys game to watch.
    Tio's Sports Bar and Grill. Be there.
    Mr. Pink

  2. I've got Comcast which offers NFL Network AND a high-def feed as part of digital/HDTV package. What's this problem everyone is talking about?

  3. Time Warner (formerly VuMore) doesn't carry the NFL Network so dish installers have been working overtime, filling new orders. San Antonio, Laredo, and El Paso are going through this. I don't know about other cities. KHOY, the catholic radio station, will broadcast the game.

  4. Wonder if I can hook up a "Sling box" to my cable feed and give it to you. I mean really give it to you.