Sunday, September 30, 2007

The one and only

Might as well have a picture of Laredo's historic avenue if I'm going to name a blog after it. Things are quiet right now, but in a couple of hours, this place will be full of cruisers and give or take half of Laredo's police force. Drive safely.

Driving in circles

"In cities, the parking lots are black holes in the urban fabric, making city streets less walkable. Downtown Albuquerque, N.M., now devotes more land to parking than all other land uses combined." Katharine Mieszkosski (Salon) City leaders and business owners are trying to come up with ways to satisfy shoppers' parking needs in downtown Laredo, even though the transit center parking garage is not used to its full potential. And if "El Portal" (formerly Riverdrive Mall) ever takes off, I fear we'll pay dearly so consumers won't have to trek far to window-shop for the latest in material goods.

A beautiful day

It is currently 95 degrees, partly cloudy, and the Cowboys and Packers are now 4-0. My neighbors are getting their grill on. The Texans are 2-2. Still a lot of football to play. Bye.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Out and about

I tried to take an exterior shot of my favorite indie record store in Laredo but the rain didn't permit. For now, this is what you get of Second Chance Music. CDs and DVDs go for five bucks. The vintage vinyl is a bit more.

Friday, September 28, 2007

A star is born

Dallas Cowboy pride is alive and well in Laredo. More features like this will come with your help. Question: Can the Cowboys improve on mistakes to go 6-0? Stay tuned. Have a good weekend.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

What's in a nickname?

Political campaign signs have popped up around town. I'm going to keep tabs on the number of candidates who choose to incorporate their nickname on said signs. This community is made up of over 90% Hispanics. We don't need to be reminded that Ricardo translates into Ricky, for example. If you really want to score points with La Sanbe, give us a little more originality when it comes to publicizing your nickname. Let me throw out some contenders: La Lechuza, El Caballo, or The Professor.

On second thought

Cities around the country have been cracking down on undocumented immigrants by going after their employers, and landlords. City ordinances are making it illegal to rent to or hire any immigrant who didn't go through the legal channels. Well a city in New Jersey did just that and it worked. The people thought it was a success until their economy started to tank. They have since reversed their ruling. If there was only one way to convince the$e people that immigrant$ actually contribute to the United $tate$ - if there was only a way.

Fall is here

The colors will soon change, and it'll be time to pull out your sweaters to combat the frigid Laredo winters (65 degrees). Don't forget to winterize your home. In our case that means covering the exposed pipes with blankets. Birdhouse by Dimitri Garcia.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New strategy

Students at Daiches Elementary School started tutorial sessions after school yesterday to prepare for the TAKS test. This year it's a bit different. Instead of everyone staying after 3 pm, only the ones who need the help are obliged to participate in the study sessions. Students who are doing well are dismissed at the regular time. Let's hope this tactic works.

Democratic debate on MSNBC

The word of the night was diplomacy. that is the approach that most of the candidates would take when confronted with problems in the Middle East. but the hot topic was whether or not Iran should develop a nuclear program, and would Israel be justified in striking Iran if they felt threatened. somebody needs to remind both countries of mutual assured destruction if they haven't heard about it yet. do they think they can attack one another and then call time out? and hilary's statement about Iran sending weapons into Iraq to be used against the U.S. made me cringe. what about weapons and fighters being sent from saudi arabia? you know, our allies! it's peculiar how they never get mentioned as state sponsors of terrorism.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Where is our park?

This 30-acre piece of land is located on the corner of Chacon and Stone Ave. The City of Laredo held a ground-breaking ceremony for the proposed park before Mayor Salinas took office (close to a year ago). Soccer players used the site every weekend until the goals were moved to their current resting place. Dr. Landeck, district councilman, said that construction would start soon but as you can see, nothing has been done. I will keep this post alive until the final swing is installed.

Share your thoughts with me

Click MY PROFILE and email me your suggestions, questions, or comments. I'll be glad to hear from you.

I like George Lopez but...

...must he visit Laredo every year? The Laredo Entertainment Center has figured out that he sells seats so they book him every chance they get. This will be his third showing in town (fourth maybe). Come on LEC, book some rock acts. And I don't mean Mana. I voted for the arena to be built. Please show your appreciation by hosting a rock concert.

Monday, September 24, 2007

The ol' neighborhood

One thing that we can't escape is railroad tracks, and El Chacon is no exception. I don't even want to guess how old this bridge is. But this span connects south Laredo with the rest of the Gateway City. Its character describes our fair city: understated.

Premier week is here

New show "Chuck" was decent, and I'm even more confused with "Heroes". I dug the Nissan commercials with the cool Clash song. What is your favorite show?

Hilary pulls away from the pack

With approximately 110 days left till the presidential primaries, Hilary Clinton is separating herself from her opponents. She looks to be the democratic nominee come Spring. George W. still thinks that the GOP will retain control of the White House. As I recall, he predicted that republicans didn't have anything to worry about in the 2006 mid-terms. Wake up President 30%! History beckons, and she is not happy.

Cowboys on a roll

The Dallas Cowboys seem to be doing a lot of things right. They join the Patriots, Colts, and Steelers as 3-0 teams. Who will go the distance? Tune in next week when we'll find out if Rex Grossman gets any love.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Typical sight around Laredo

I'm not sure why these potholes are full of water, since we haven't had any rain lately. This cluster of holes are located right behind Heights Elementary School. Right before this shot, a small car gingerly maneuvered its way past this obstacle. "Be careful out there." Signed, your tires.
Comment below and your pothole could make it to the pages of LaSanbe.

The Texans come down to Earth

The Houston Texans put forth a valiant effort but it was not enough to beat the Colts. Still I look forward to watching the Texans, and hope their first two games weren't a fluke. Nevertheless, injuries are not gonna help.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Just a pic

How does this look

UT report

The Longhorns made minced meat out of Rice. Don't ask me how.

In the criminal justice system

...there is a man named rick flores. the patrolman who investigates any malfeasance (terrorists), and the celebrity who wears crisp long-sleeved shirts. this is his story.........tan! tan!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Compassionate conservative AND modest.

In today's press conference, President Bush said that he "got an A in keeping taxes low......was fiscally responsible with the people's money." Translation: he's making the minimum payment due on our maxed out credit cards. What i'd like to know is what happened to the billions in Iraq that can't be accounted for.

Is he the pot or the kettle?

US Senator John Cornyn wants to introduce a resolution condemning a MoveOn.Org advertisement that takes a swipe at General Petraeus. The ad refers to the general as 'betray us.' Cornyn believes that this demeans the honor and integrity of the general, and all soldiers in the field. Gimme a break. Where was he when republicans ridiculed John Kerry's Vietnam service by wearing band-aids on their fingers - claiming that he got his medals for minor wounds. This reeks of fake outrage to distract us from real issues.

Service industry woes

I called in an order to Whataburger to give the pots and pans the night off. The young lady who took my call was obviously a new employee because she kept "consulting" with someone standing next to her. i could overhear her say, "now what do i ask him?" To her credit, the order was spot on! But can't this be avoided by having a cheat sheet at the counter? Click on COMMENTS and tell me what you think.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

8 Liner establishments

Has bingo lost its thrill? How much money is being pumped into these "maquinitas?" And are they all corrupt? i guess bar owners decided to tap into a different demographic: the middle-aged, impulsive, Laredoan with no friends but plenty of disposable income.

Gateway to mass destruction

Sheriff Rick Flores keeps bringing up the notion that terrorists will enter the United States through Laredo. I guess anything is possible, but somehow i doubt that some well-funded Middle Eastern extremist is going to place his trust in a human smuggler who will dump him at the first sign of trouble. The less people that are involved, the better. I'm sure they want to keep their identity on the down-low, and not be stuck in a hot 18 wheeler behind Wal-Mart. Please stop using the fear card sheriff. Leave that to George W.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Support the troops!

Senator Jim Webb wants to propose an idea to Congress. His amendment will basically stipulate that a soldier should spend as much time at home as he has in the war zone. Seems to make sense. But I can't wait to see what the republican spin will be on this. That is, as soon as they can tear away from their bathroom stalls.

Make room for Tank Johnson

The Cowboys decided to add more luster to their organization by hiring a guy named Tank. He still has six more weeks to go on his suspension before he can see any action with "America's Team". Let's hope he keeps his nose clean.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Britney not having a good month

As if getting slammed for a poor performance on MTV wasn't enough, Brit. is now facing allegations of child endangerement from a former bodyguard. The former employee says he witnessed the singer doing drugs in front of her children. How soon before her kids are taken away?

T.O. is all smiles

Joey Porter did not have a good day yesterday as the Dallas Cowboys beat the Miami Dolphins. In their first two games, the Cowboys have actually racked up a lot of points, instead of settling for field goals. And Terrel Owens would have it no other way. You know he's just itching to give us a taste of his end zone antics. Is this a sign of things to come, or are the Cowboys for real.