Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Saunders Evolving

The car wash on Saunders, across from Burger King, is almost gone.  Progress in motion.

The photo above is courtesy of Google Maps.

Demolition has been going on for about two weeks.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

A No Go

The is the scorecard on the referendums that voters did NOT approve in recent years.

This month voters turned down the idea of building a convention center in downtown Laredo.

In 2017, voters said NO to a new jail.

Two years ago, voters thought is was a bad idea to have at-large districts for city council representation.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Fliers For Laredo Candidates

Fliers arrived at the Keyrose household by the several this election season.  One that gets the nod for stupidest cheesiest is Charlie San Miguel's mailer that included the caption: May the "Fourth" be with you.  The stocky candidate for mayor used a play on words, a reference to the movie "Star Wars."

He did so because his name was "FOURTH" on the ballot.  As a council candidate, the move could've been cute.  But as mayoral prospect it comes across as stupid.  Naturally he lost his bid.

We'll soon forget about Charlie San Miguel, as he terms out from city council.  We'll save his flier for posterity (and for an occasional eye roll).

Another flier that was dropped at our doorstep is that of Mercurio Martinez.  He is heading into a runoff in December for City Council Dist. 3.

Martinez calls attention to the longstanding problem of the abandoned building, formerly known as Mercy Hospital, in the Heights neighborhood.  (Sisters of Mercy, please don't @ me.)

Councilman Alex Perez busied himself with smaller, more trivial projects during his 8-year term.  He leaves behind the eyesore that can be viewed from almost any part of the city.  The old hospital was vacated in the fall of 1999.  It's not fair to pin this solely on Alex Perez - the glaring example of inaction - but he SHOULD take credit for his many shortfalls and not just his supposed accomplishments.

Monday, October 22, 2018

The Case Against Jaime Canales

Thursday of last week, October 18, Webb County put out a press release informing residents that Commissioner Jaime Canales was resigning, effective immediately.  County Judge Tijerina thanked the commissioner for his years of service and wished him well.  Cindy Liendo was appointed that same day by the county dad.  (Liendo won the March primary for the Precinct 4 seat.)

Hours after Tijerina's press release, we learned that Jaime Canales and Johnny Amaya had pled guilty to bribery charges in a Houston court.  The speculation was put to rest.  Canales' sudden resignation had a reason.

The FBI raided city hall and Mr. Canales' office in April of last year.  Current and former government officials were named as target subjects.  Commissioner Canales turned out to be the first casualty of the feds' investigation.

The County Judge put out another statement on Friday.

Save for the horrible grammar in the second presser, Judge Tijerina took issue with Canales' corrupt leanings.

The Saturday edition of the Laredo Times gave us more details on the scheme that was hatched by Canales, Amaya and an unnamed corporation.  We have yet to hear of any more indictments, arrests or plea deals.  The FBI's case from a year ago involved more than one county knucklehead.  For now we wait.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Vote No On Laredo Convention Center

(LMT clipping from September 19, 2018.)

One of the proponents of a new convention center has been Councilman Roberto Balli.  His district includes the downtown area, so naturally he would be pushing for the new facility.  He was quoted in the Times as such:
Downtown is changing as far as nightlife.  So this conference center will support all of that.  Ask everyone to support this proposition, El Centro Si, because it's going to give us a better downtown, it's going to give us a better community, and this is something our citizens and residents need. 
Every time somebody (Balli) has brought up the construction of a convention center, I've imagined that a large space, with meeting rooms, was needed for actual conventions.  I thought Laredo needed a facility to host events that couldn't be had at the arena; again, actual conventions that would bring in visitors.  But the group pushing for the convention/conference center - Balli, La Posada, Fasken Oil & Ranch, Ltd, Chamber of Commerce, IBC Bank, etc. - is now trying to convince the Laredo public that it'll be a venue to serve us.

(another clipping, from today's LMT.)

The CONFERENCE center will be a great site to host weddings, quinces, graduations and so on, so says the new Centro Si advertisement.

Venues for those kinds of events already exist.  To host quinceaneras shouldn't be a selling point for building a convention center.  The arena, baseball field and golf course have been under-utilized, hardly used for their intended purposes.  Now our leaders are trying to sell us on the idea of a convention center; but they're telling us that the facility's calendar year will be made up of small events, supported by actual Laredoans.  Already they're revealing in their latest pitch that big conventions will be few and far between.

The convention center may be useful for the people of Laredo in terms of low-paying jobs, but it shouldn't be a site to host receptions that will benefit La Posada and other City of Laredo insiders.

Local activist Remy Salinas appeared on Beyond The Headlines (KGNS) last weekend to speak against the construction of the convention center.  He spoke in detail about the fact that convention centers in south Texas under-perform.  Check out part of the show below.  And come November 6, vote NO on the convention center.


Saturday, September 29, 2018

Moral Turpitude Case: Vidal Rodriguez

That time Vidal Rodriguez and Alejandra Sepulveda lost a civil case to Annette Ugalde Bonugli and were ordered to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to the plaintiff.  That was July 27, 2018.

A new trial, however, is pending.  Rodriguez's attorney claimed there was a "miscommunication in the case," precluding his presence at trial.  So we wait some more.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Claudine Anne Luera

A madman went on a killing spree that lasted over a week.  By Saturday afternoon, we learned that four people had been executed by a pyscho living among us.

One of the victims was the sister of a good friend.  I can't imagine what the family is going through.  Claudine Anne Luera got addicted to drugs and lived dangerously on the streets of this forsaken city.  Her loved ones will now have to live with the added insult of her life being take away so tragically.

(Image via New York Times)